What should I do if during the game I received an error code DELTA01, DELTA02, DELTA03, DELTA04, DELTA06 or DELTA05?

These errors sometimes occur when playing in The Division 2.

A DELTA01 error means that The Division 2 was unable to connect to the server. DELTA02, DELTA03, DELTA04 and DELTA05 appear if the connection to the server is interrupted, and DELTA06 indicates that the connection time to the servers has expired.

In case of regular errors, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with recommendations for improving your Internet connection, depending on your device.

For example, if a problem occurs on a PC, the following methods may help:

  1. Reset network connection settings;
  2. Check for software conflicts;
  3. UPnP option;
  4. Network Port Forwarding. In particular. the following ports are typical for The Division 2: TCP: 13000,27015, 51000, 55000, 55002; UDP: 22000-22032;
  5. HOST file cleaning;
  6. Clearing the DNS cache;
  7. Check for external constraints that may affect connectivity.
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