WHEA Logger Error in Windows 11 Event Viewer – How Do I Fix It?

Suddenly my PC rebooted, I went to events, and there was a WHEA Logger error. It says that there was an unrecoverable hardware error. Error code 18. I tried to find some information on the subject on the net, but I didn’t find anything specific. They say it could be almost anything. Thought I’d ask here. Can you please help me?


Usually WHEA Logger errors are caused by faulty drivers or hardware issues. And given that, there can be a huge number of reasons for the error. If you encounter a WHEA Logger error on your PC, we recommend that you do the following:

  • disable fast boot in the BIOS/UEFI settings;
  • update the drivers for the devices in your PC, i.e. video card, sound card, chipset, etc.;
  • reset any overclocked hardware (GPU, CPU, RAM);
  • test RAM for errors;
  • update the motherboard firmware.
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