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Wheres rhe snow

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Rockstar you lied this was supposed to last until january 6th. Why did you remove the snow? Plus we need region locks tired of chinamen in our region.

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  1. Show me where R* said that the snow was suppose to last until January 6th. Here’s what I saw regarding snow:

    “On your travels, you may have heard piano players in the saloons playing festive songs as folk across the country merrily indulge in holiday festivities. Be warned, however, that the changing of the seasons often brings harsh weather to the frontier, with snowfall predicted to arrive as soon as tomorrow. Those keen to make preparations for the winter should be advised that even heavier snowfall may also be on the way, so keep the campfire burning and the stewpot simmering.”

    I see no date mentioned about how long the snow was suppose to last. Other in game items are available until January 6th, not the snow.

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