While playing Rainbow Six: Siege, I received the error message “0-0x00000204 ″ or” 0-0x00000209 ″. What should I do?

In the game “Rainbow Six: Siege” sometimes there are errors with the code “0-0x00000204”, “0-0x00000209”. These errors are typical for all platforms: PC and set-top boxes.

“0-0x00000204” indicates an Internet connection problem, “0-0x00000209” indicates a lack of communication with Ubisoft services.

How to fix the error “0-0x00000204”?
You need to check your Internet connection. If necessary, restart the router, recheck the network cable connection.

What to do with the error “0-0x00000209”?

  1. First of all, we check the Internet connection. You can try to reconnect to the network, restart the Uplay client, make sure that the program is not blocked by the antivirus.
  2. It is rare, but it happens that it is impossible to connect to the Uplay server. In this case, you just need to wait for the server to resume operation (information is displayed on the tech support forum).
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