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Why can’t I create a ticket?

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I am missing content I should have received. It has been well over 24 hours and still nothing. I wanted to report other bugs I have found too.

Did Rockstar really remove their support ticket program?

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  1. Tried several searches and never got a submit ticket ability. Now it has been over 48 hours…is there some backlog on content claiming that isn’t done instantly on purchase or claim?


    Because the game is so freaking bugged people have overloaded the ticket system with problems. Here we are 1 year after the release and we’re paying for a Beta Product.


    Hi Droz! I just clicked through the Submit Ticket system to the Missing In-game Items myself and I had the option to send a ticket there – the site seems to makes FAQ suggestions (Grizzlies Outfit missing etc.) but if you follow the options through until the end, you should be able to find the “Contact Us” option and submit a ticket through there. Keep in mind that I think they were telling folks they had quite a backlog of tickets over the holiday period, so it may take a little while to hear back. Hope this helps!


    It has been like this for weeks, if not the entire time I have had RDR2 on my PC.


    I click the menu button->submit ticket and it brings me to the FAQ. If the FAQ helped…I would not need to submit a ticket!

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