Why df is gta 5 free on epic games?!!!

You literally can’t do anything and there’s a lot of connectivity issues probably due to all the servers of rockstar being overloaded. Which is bad enough but then I recently bought Gta 5 and then epic games releases it for free, WTF. Not to mention the people who actually supported you by buying your games criminal enterprise pack and so on are essentially having *** thrown in their faces. Everyone who actually bought the game didn’t get any compensation for buying your game. Like I really enjoyed the game but like how can I enjoy it now when I barely can connect to different sessions. I can almost never have any progress saved due to not having a CONNECTION to your cloud servers. What is this BS. SOO PLEASE FIX YOUR SERVERS AND MAYBE GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY PAID FOR YOUR GAME AND LATER FOUND OUT IT WAS RELEASED FOR FREE A MONTH OR SO LATER. WE HAVEN’T GOTTEN ANY SORT OF COMPENSATION FOR BUYING YOUR GAME. Sorry for the critique but I am really enraged at you “Rockstar.”

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