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Why did NMSL669 the most horrible cheater still not baned?

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did any body know or ever report the Cheater NMSL669 ever before?

for mostly I know those player who cheating getting banned really quick. but he looks like a exception.

he has been spotted multiple time, blinking arround the map, killing bascily any body he want. and still playing without ban at all.

On the one hand, I’m curious about how rock star anticheating work

On the other hand, I’m start to worry about this player was some one related to the rockstar so he can do as much cheating as he want.

Is there any body have an idea about how to deal with such a cheater?

I have report him several times. i’m not sure if he going to be banned and how long it going to take.

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  1. Rockstar only cares about the cheaters that hurt their ability to sell in game money.

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