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Why didn’t get xp when i finished bounty hunter mission?

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i get bounty hunter licence from twich prime but i didn’t get xp when i finished the mission.i wrote much letter but Rockstardoes not care about me. anyone can help me?

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  1. Ok, so update on this. I put in a support ticket, R* replied with the usual copy pasta. I repsonded that they have so many issues, their customer support sucks, and that they just reply with copy paste.

    Walking round  Valentine next day, all of a sudden my bounty hunter ranks up, and I get an email saying it’s fixed. So they can fix it, but it looks like it’s on a case by case basis. Keep whining at them.

    It’s glitched, in most cases Rockstar isn’t even addressing this issue, because they have no fix for it. I’ve had tickets in since beginning of January with no response…Other people I have seen online have had Rockstar delete their bounty lic and then reimburse them with 15gold to buy a new one in an attempt to fix it, but it has been like 2 people I have seen report this…the vast majority of players with this issue have no resolution..


    Same problem here, the only thing that I think we can do is spaming them with tickets every single day.


    Same here – had a ticket in for a few days, but it’s ignored. I would imagine that if this was a bug related to gold bar purchase or micro-transactions they’d get it sorted really quickly. I gave up on GTA due to nightmare issues surrounding the Nightclub, now it’s this.

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