Why Have You Turned Off So Many Story Mode Features R*?

Why have you disabled so many great PvE/immersive features like

  1. being able to buy food and eat food in bars?? You can read the menu but can’t order anything?
  2. being able to take a bath FFS?  Your character can still get filthy but can’t order a simple bath? Yes. They can get clean by swimming in a pool of water or being out in the rain. But that’s not the point here.
  3. Being able to rent a room and sleep/log out when in town? WTH do I have to ride across half the map just to get back to camp and Cripps to be able to fully rest?
  4. WTH can’t you rob a regular train like in story mode?  In fact,
  5. WTH is it that only cargo trains (and not passenger trains) are available for online mode? There’s really nothing interesting to do on cargo trains when you hijack a train other than driving it illegally and getting a bounty. Until you either abandon it, or escape the law NPCs that track you when you enter towns etc.
  6. You can steal stage coaches and/or NPC horses. But can’t steal and sell these to the damned fences? Why couldn’t you have enabled this feature but limited it to once a game day to stop players exploiting this feature?
  7. Why can’t you sell wild horses you tame to the stables like in Story mode? WHY?

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I just bought the Stew Pot for my camp, although it requires 2 or 3 eatings, I really like it a lot. I would like to buy an upgrade for it. I had purchased the dog because it was cool, turns out it actually prevents the camp from being robbed. Gold is not really an issue waiting extra time before completing a mission is a little bit of work, but your giant level up gives treasure maps frequently, I love waiting until the final 29 seconds in freeroam missions, when you get max pay and rp, you are invincible to other players near the finish line most missions. The camp is designed to be where you start out at, it can be moved if you memorize where you are and select an area near you, but I think you are supposed to be in your camp at the start of each session.