Why isn’t my PlayStation password reset coming?

I have a huge tragedy – I can not restore access to my Sony account. I forgot my password and I ordered an email with a reset code. Tried to do this many times. The email does not come resetting the PlayStation password, no matter how much I try. Please do not write me to look in the spam folder – I have already done this. I really do not want to lose all the purchased games out of the blue. Is there any other way?


Good afternoon! Unfortunately, very often the password reset email from PlayStation does not arrive. This is a common occurrence that has been going on for many years and nothing has changed. Usually the problem occurs with those who use mailboxes on Hotmail and PSN. You only have a couple of options:

  • Call Sony. Resetting the password is possible through the operator. You will be asked to provide some information about your account, but in return will be helped to complete the procedure. Hotline – 8-800-100-76-60 and 8-495-258-76-60 (Moscow). You just need to warn that it’s hard to get to the operator.
  • Through a bot. Request a password reset using a bot by link. For some reason, he sends a message to the mail and it really comes.
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