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Windows 10 Graphic Tools helps with DX12 . Fixes Launch error/crashes

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I played the game no issues for 2 days using Vulcan. As soon as i changed it to DX12 my game would crash at start-up and i couldn’t get back into the game  anymore.
I downloaded Graphic Tools a windows 10 Feature that supports and stabilizes DX12.
After downloading it i launched my game and it WORKED!  This should have been applied to all windows update but i don’t know why its a optional feature that YOU have to add yourself.So far its helped about 10 people fix there games. This adds DirectX Graphics Tool supportIn Windows 10 . Go to Setting – Apps & features – Optional Features. Then click on “Add a feature” and choose “Graphics Tools”. Install and Restart once its done. (If you don’t restart you will get a error saying you cannot connect to Rockstar services/Unavailable when trying to launch)

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  1. I had the exact same problem i hope this fixes it (i have to reinstall again).

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