Why Windows 11 Explorer is Slow? (FIXED)

My Windows 11 Explorer is slow! So slow that I can’t use my computer normally! Navigating through folders takes almost eternity. And sometimes Explorer freezes up and I can’t do anything at all – even restart my PC! Of course, my hardware is not the best, but Windows 11 and its Explorer should be able to handle it. Now I’m sitting and wondering what to do…


Slow Windows 11 Explorer – a fairly common problem for many users around the world. It is worth noting right away that the latest iteration of Windows is extremely demanding on PC hardware, especially if we’re talking about the licensed version of the OS, which has all sorts of security features activated. Read the official system requirements for Windows 11.

If everything is okay and you are confident in your PC, you can try the following:

1. Clear Explorer History

  • Open Explorer;
  • click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the window and select Options;
  • in the General tab, go down below and click on the Clear button in the Privacy section;
  • confirm your intentions and delete your Explorer history;
  • apply the changes you made and restart your PC.

2. Restarting Windows Explorer 11

  • Press WIN+X and select Task Manager;
  • in the Task Manager, find Windows Explorer, click on it and select Restart;
  • wait for a moment and check that Explorer is working.
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