WMI Provider Host High CPU Load – How Do I Fix It?

The WMI Provider Host process has started to slow down my PC. I have no idea what this process is, but Task Manager shows almost 100% CPU utilization. I wouldn’t mind if it stopped putting so much strain on my computer. If I understand correctly, it’s some sort of system process, I think. How can I make the WMI Provider Host not stress my CPU?


The WMI Provider Host is a critical system tool without which the Windows operating system would not be able to function normally. Transferring requested information to the software in the system, connecting various peripherals – all this and much more is provided by the process in question.

In most cases WMI Provider Host starts to overload the computer processor when one of the installed programs repeatedly requests some data from the system by mistake – a kind of dead loop. The process can also be overloaded by viruses or improperly installed Windows updates.

To stop WMI Provider Host process from overloading the processor, you need to do the following:

  • Restart the service. Press Win+S and type Services into the search box. Find the Windows Management Toolbox in the list and double-click it. If the service works, click Stop, save your changes, and restart your PC. Open the service properties again and click Run.
  • Scan for viruses. Run a virus scan of your system. Get rid of viruses, if any, then restart your PC and check CPU performance in Task Manager.
  • Remove the latest updates. Open Windows Update and open its log. Select the last couple or three updates and remove them, then reboot your PC. One of them might have caused WMI Provider Host to malfunction.
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