How to Fix WOW51900102 in World of Warcraft?

Today I got a WOW51900102 error in World of Warcraft. It appears immediately after logging onto the server or after some time in the gameplay. Nothing has changed in my PC, literally yesterday everything was fine. What is going on? And how to fix it?


WOW51900102 is a typical World of Warcraft network error that is solved by a set of methods that are just as typical. If you are unlucky enough to encounter this error, try the following:

  • restart your PC;
  • reset your router;
  • temporarily switch to a cable connection;
  • check the status of the WoW servers;
  • reset the network configuration through the system settings (Status→Network Reset);
  • close programs in the background that might use network traffic;
  • Deactivate or delete the VPN program.

Usually, the above is enough to solve the error WOW51900102 in most cases.

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