How to fix WS-116520-5 on PS5?

Error WS-116520-5 popped up when I tried to download the game from PSN. I have PS5. Tried to reboot the console and even the router, but nothing changed.


The WS-116520-5 error occurs on PS5 when the PlayStation Network (PSN) experience some type of difficulties. This can be either technical maintenance or some kind of malfunction.

Often there is nothing else for the player to do, but to wait for the fix from Sony technicians. Normally, everything is fixed within a few hours. You can keep track of the PSN services status at the following link.

Some techies on the web claim that the error WS-116520-5 can be bypassed by using a mobile app. Go to the PSN store in the app, choose the game you want and continue downloading/installing it on the console – PROFIT.

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