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wtf banned how fix

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wow they banned me. they do nothing for real hackers and players who attack players just for fun. im so upset for them so i use trainer for self defend for them and now they banned me who never use that badly to other players

why? why you guys do nothing to them but ban me? becuase they are too hard to find? so you guys catch me who easier to catch? fkn rockstars they can\’t do anything to real bad hackers but enjoy to ban player who want to just enjoy online career without hackers and bad players. i know using trainer is bad with any reason. im so sorry i use it cause you guys do nothing to hackers and bad players so i thought you guys don\’t care about those *** except for gold bar hack. and now they must reset my online character too. i even bought gold bars twice. all my effort that try to enjoy my online career from hackers and killers are gone now. thanks rockstar for do nothing to real hackers and bad players and ban me who use it just for my self defend

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  1. you said it!  You cheated, you used a trainer Because : ” Haaacker, Oyeah, im goonna hack to,- using tranier ” Well suit your self… instead of ignoring them and reporting them for cheating… move on, change session, if they still taunt you, keep reporting them and if you use a screen record program, then you have Hard evidence  🙂


    Lol a cheater wondering why cheating gets him banned. I wonder if he knows the bans run across all rockstar games now lol

    -Uses cheats to make himself invincible in game built on PvPvE
    -Get reported by another player, gets banned
    -still finds a way to blame someone else

    yup, its gamer time.

    Why did you get banned? You answered your own question. You admitted to using mods which is cheating regardless of what you use them for. You just sound bitter that you were caught. Had you not been caught, you would have kept using them.  You want to avoid modders, don’t play on PC. R* games have been and will always be a modders’ paradise. Have fun starting over in 30 days assuming you know how to properly remove all the mod files or you will be back here about your permanent ban.

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