How do you clear the RAM on an iPhone or iPad?

In standard functionality the iPhone and iPad there is a special button that would clear the RAM memory of the device. However, the function of this is, it is hidden and knows about it only a small portion of users. In this manual told how to clean the memory of the iPhone and iPad than significantly accelerate their work.

How do you clear the RAM on an iPhone or iPad?

How to clear RAM iPhone and iPad

  1. Step 1. Hold down the Power button and wait for the slider to off (turning the device off is not necessary).
  2. Step 2. Release the Power button and hold the Home button.
  3. Step 3. Hold the Home button until until on the display there will be a slight flickering and the subsequent return to the home screen.

That’s so simple, but not everyone knows the way is cleared RAM Apple mobile devices. This procedure is recommended to repeat once a week or when you feel that the iPhone or iPad was sluggish.

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