How to fix the error 924 in Play Market on Android?

Error 924 in Play Market on Android is another typical error, which is shown to users while downloading or updating any app in Play Market. They may show up not only for a single download or update applications, and all at once.

To determine the exact nature of the causes of error 924 in Play Market on Android is problematic, as well as for other similar problems with the Market. However, we have compiled a list of methods that can help you fix this problem, and quite simple.


Methods to fix the error 924 in Play Market on Android

Method No. 1 Test network connection on the device

The first thing you should check is the Internet connection on the device. Perhaps you are unable to download or update apps because you don’t have a network connection, or there are serious problems. Make sure that your device should be connected to the network and all is fine.

Method # 2 reset device

Many users ignore this advice, but they do not underestimate its effectiveness – restart device. The fact is that Android as well as, say, Windows is the operating system. Sometimes OS can be some bugs or crashing. Perhaps in your case it happened all the same. Restart the device and let the Android OS will start its working session in the new. You can also try to restart the application itself Play Market, because a crash could happen.

Method # 3 to clear the cache of Play Market

The cache is an incredibly handy feature of any application. However, often, just because it causes problems, which includes error 924 in Play Market on Android. If it really is him, you just need to clear the cache and data of Google Play Market and it will be in the hat. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings of your Android device.
  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Next, go to “All apps”.
  • You will see a list with all applications on your device. Locate Play Market, then tap on it to switch to the window “About”.
  • Once in this menu, click on “Store”.
  • You can see information about the app and a couple of options for him. Click first on the option “clear data”.
  • Then click the second option “Clear cache”.

Method # 4: Removing utilities Play Market

If none of the above did not help in solving the error 924 in Play Market for Android, which is quite possible scenario, you can try to simply remove the application from Play Market from your Android device. In fact, you cannot uninstall the app, but you can delete the updates for it and return it to the original version.

To uninstall updates to Play Market go the same way that was shown in the previous method, click on the “Uninstall updates”. After this action, go to the already old version of the app and check for error 924 in Play Market on Android. If all goes well and it works as it should, you can install back all the updates for it.

Method # 5 to delete a Google account

This method helps users quite rarely, but it sometimes works. You’ll definitely be able to observe it in other articles on similar subjects. So, you need to try to remove your Google account from the device and then add it back. For this walk through the following steps:

  • Go to the device Settings.
  • Click “Accounts”.
  • Click on your Google account once.
  • Then make another click on the button “more actions”.
  • Click on the “Delete account”.
  • Once your Google account is deleted from the device, repeat the add.
  • As already mentioned, the method is not very effective and works quite rare, but sometimes a miracle happens and it’s solved the situation with mistakes, including an error 924 in Play Market on Android.

If that does not help you, you can only sympathize and suggest finally a few steps:

  • Change the network type to the network with WiFi to cell network and back again, and then check the Play Market for a 924 error.
  • Anti-virus software on the PC can cause a lot of problems, but they can also cause inconvenience on Android OS, so if you have antivirus please remove it.
  • The network began to spread information that the Stamina mode on devices from Sony can cause this problem. Deactivate it and then check for errors 924 in Play Market on Android.
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