How to Hide Telegram Number from Others?

Can’t figure out how to hide your phone number in Telegram? Actually, it’s quite simple!

From social networks to government agencies – in order to fully interact with all the benefits of modern civilization, you must constantly provide a personal phone number. And by sharing this number, we now and then become a target for all kinds of automated mailing lists, spam calls and just annoying “Internet trolls”.

Telegram messenger also requires the user to provide a phone number – it doesn’t work any other way. Fortunately, the developers of the program provide the ability to hide the phone number from all or only those individuals you don’t like. In today’s article, we will show you how to do this not only on smartphones, but also on personal computers.

How to hide the phone number in Telegram on Android, iPhone and PC

Hide Telegram Number

We want to pleasantly surprise you: the process of hiding your phone number in the Telegram messenger is identical on all platforms. Simply put, the instructions are the same, universal:

  • launch the Telegram app on your device;
  • click or tap on the menu in the left corner of the window and select “Settings”;
  • go to “Privacy”;
  • click or tap on “Phone Number”;
  • check the “No one” option under “Who sees my phone number”;
  • in the new list, select “My contacts” under “Who can find me by number”;
  • if required, you can personalize the exclusion list (who can and can’t see the number).

Basically, this is all you need to do to hide your phone number in Telegram. Extremely simple procedure that takes literally 10-15 seconds to perform. Of course, it becomes more complicated if you want to hide the phone number from a certain number of users, but that is entirely up to you. It’s worth noting that once the number is hidden, finding people and messaging them becomes a bit more complicated for obvious reasons. To find and add other users to the messenger, you’ll have to use the name, not the number.

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