What’s new in iOS 16.2 RC (Release Candidate) and how to install it

On December 7, 2022, Apple released iOS 16.2 RC, a pre-release version of the new update, which is primarily intended for software developers. The latter are engaged in meticulous testing of the fresh iOS, in consequence of which will be revealed whether this version is suitable for release or not. We assume that with iOS 16.2 RC will get to ordinary consumers as soon as next week.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you what’s new in iOS 16.2 RC and whether you can install it on your iPhone or iPad without being a “developer”.

iOS 16.2 RC: a breakdown of new features

In iOS 16.2 RC developers included a lot of features, but don’t expect to find in the new OS some dramatic changes compared to previous iterations. A new feature here, a new feature there – nice additions, but nothing that would completely change the user experience. So, in the iOS 16.2 beta you’ll find:

  • A redesigned Home app GUI.
  • Weather app weather data is now displayed in the Apple News app.
  • The Apple Music app now has a special mode – Apple Music Sing Karaoke.
  • Time limit activation (10 minutes) in the AirDrop app for all users.
  • Live Activities app will become much faster: information is updated more often now.
  • Collaboration mode for iPhone and iPad in Freeform.
  • Always On Display will get a set of new options for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices.
  • The lock screen will now be able to show the user information about sleep mode and medication intake through widgets.
  • A full backup of the gadget, messages, notes, photos, reminders, browser bookmarks, wallet data (Wallet app) of the user – all this now provides so-called end-to-end encryption (end-to-end encryption) in the cloud service iCloud.
  • On the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad, it’s now possible to report random SOS calls.

As you can see, a whole bunch of features, but nothing nothing special. Nice little things, changes and fixes of some bugs, errors from previous iOS versions – that’s what we are waiting for on the next week.

Well, now let’s talk about how to install iOS 16 RC on your device without any special developer status.

A guide to installing iOS 16 RC

You want to install iOS 16 RC on your mobile gadget. Okay, but we must warn you that the beta versions of Apple OS are not always particularly stable: various bugs, glitches and errors are possible. In general, install at your own risk. To install iOS 16 RC on your device, you need to do the following:

  • download the iOS 16 beta profile from your iPhone/iPad;
  • go to Settings→Main;
  • select VPN and Device Management;
  • then select the beta profile you downloaded above and tap Install;
  • wait for the installation to complete, and then reboot the device;
  • go back to Settings→Main and select Software Update;
  • after a short wait, click Download and Install.

It will take some time to install iOS 16 RC – be patient. You should definitely back up your device before updating the firmware. You never know what can happen when you install a pre-release OS.

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