What to do if the iPhone does not work

If sound does not work on the IPhone, then on normal use of the smartphone can not be considered. Call is heard, the alarm sound is heard in the morning, games and video no audio, not to mention playing music.

The fault requires an immediate solution, but first you must understand why on the IPhone there is no sound.
The causes of the problem can be divided into hardware and software. First, the user is able to cope on their own, the second most often require a trip to the service center.


Software errors

Before you begin to correct software errors or to eliminate hardware problems, make sure that the volume is exposed on an acceptable level. Notice the current sound profile. May, in its settings, disabled audio playback.

Sound settings on the iPhone

If the sound disappears periodically, restart iPhone. Try to remember, when problems arose that preceded them. Sometimes it helps deleting the last installed applications. If the phone was done the jailbreak and installed Cydia tweaks, it is recommended to roll back the changes. Wrong jail, the installation of unofficial software – all of which can cause problems with iOS, including the missing sound. To help cope with software failure might reset: Open settings, section “General”. Go to the subsection “Reset”. Select “Reset all settings”. Resetting is not removed the content so that you can not do a backup.

Reset iPhone

If the rollback to factory settings doesn’t help, try to erase settings and content. After this operation phone will be “clean”, i.e. it deletes all user data. So creating a backup is a mandatory condition for the subsequent recovery of remote information.

Reset the content and settings to restore the sound

Instead of factory reset you can flash the device. Before performing the firmware is also not forget to make a backup. If the reasons for the lack of the sounds are of a programmatic nature, these actions should eliminate them, returning the iPhone to normal working condition.

Hardware problem

If sound does not work on the new IPhone, while software errors are not noticed, it is better to contact the service center. Although some actions can be performed independently. Possible cause: Mechanical damage or contamination dynamics. A blow, a fall, a strong jolt can bring the speaker down. Solution would be to replace the damaged component at the service center. The sealing-off of the chip responsible for audio playback. Even if the speaker is not injured, chip failure will lead to the fact that the sound will disappear. The solution is similar – a professional repair. The ingress of moisture. As a result of exposure of the liquid can occur the oxidation of the chips, which will lead to the emergence of various failures in the iPhone. If there is no sound only in the headphones, check the connector, it can also become clogged. The iPhone 7 separate entrance no headphones connected through the adapter into the Lightning connector, so it too should be checked. Connector you can gently clean without going to service center, but other hardware problems, it is recommended to seek professional help. If there is no sound on the camera when recording video, make sure that the protective film or the cover does not cover the working microphone. It is located on the back between the flash and the camera. If you close the cover, the sound will not be recorded. If the microphone does not interfere to work properly, contact the service center. Adjust the volume of Budilnik many users causes difficulties changing the volume of the alarm. It might work, but so quiet sound that won’t Wake and will be the backdrop for sleep. Of the total volume of the iPhone alarm clock is not affected, and it was good. Otherwise, when you turn on silent mode the alarm would also shut off. To force the alarm to operate at acceptable levels of volume, open settings and navigate to “Sounds”. Adjust the volume using the slider “call reminder”. Method works on all current iPhone, whether, 5S, 6, or 7 model.

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