How to play YouTube in the background without a Premium subscription

You want to know how to play YouTube in the background without Premium? You’ve come to the right place!

First, you need to load a Firefox browser to your Android device. It can be downloaded directly from Google Play Market. You may be wondering: can’t I use some other browser? For example, that RAM devouring monster from Google or Opera? Unfortunately, no. At the moment, the loophole works with the Mozilla browser – and only with it.

So, Firefox is downloaded  – now open the browser and go directly to the YouTube website. Be sure to open the desktop version! To do this, just tap on the three dots (•••) in the upper right corner of the screen and select “PC version”. Next, go to the video you want to watch in the background of your device.

All set? Great, that’s great. Now start the video playback and… press the lock button to turn off the device’s screen. No, we’re not kidding, press the lock button. And oh boy, the screen goes out, but the sound keeps going! Is this a miracle?! No, it’s just a little loophole.

Yes, this “method” requires from the user some beforehand preparations, but it guarantees – at least at the time of writing – to play YouTube in the background. If this method doesn’t work… well, we recommend you to use the now-unsupported YouTube Venced app.

YouTube Venced is a hacked YouTube with all the Premium features, including background video playback. As we said before, the app is no longer supported by the developer and therefore its stability is not guaranteed. However… the application works, and quite well. Don’t want to fiddle with a browser? Install the latest version of YouTube Venced that you can find on the web.

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