Review of the 10 best Lenovo smartphones: features, reviews and prices

Lenovo smartphones were and remain one of the best on the market. Their price is justified by the characteristics. This article discusses the best models, as well as the main criteria that are worth the attention of buyers.

Lenovo smartphone series

Brand phones are divided into the following lines:

  1. A. low-End series, which devices have basic equipment (MediaTek processors, up to 2 GB of RAM) and a simple design.
  2. S. mid-range smartphone Line. In addition to the productive filling (Qualcomm processors), stand out stylish appearance and use in the case of glass, metal alloys.
  3. P. capacious batteries (not less than 4 000 mAh) are Used, which provide more than one day of active work of the phone.
  4. K. intermediate line between lower and middle class devices. It stands out for the balance of technical characteristics.
  5. Phab. The series is notable for the use of displays with a diagonal of at least 6 inches.
  6. Z. the Flagship line of the device. The fastest processors, the most memory and the best case materials.

How to choose a smartphone?

When you select should focus on the following key criteria:

  1. Diagonal and screen resolution. The larger the diagonal, the more convenient it is to use the phone to surf the web. But this phone is not in every pocket fit. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image. In 2019-2020, the standard parameters are a diagonal of 5.5-6 inches and a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels.
  2. Processor. The best processors manufactured by Qualcomm. But in the budget segment, MediaTek solutions are more preferable. They are not the most productive and energy efficient, but inexpensive.
  3. Operational and permanent memory. The more RAM, the faster the phone will cope with the simultaneous operation of several applications. In 2019, 4 GB of RAM is used for middle-class devices. The higher the volume, the more photos and videos you can store on your smartphone. But you can buy a flash card to store additional data.
  4. Accumulator. Flagships tend to require charging more often than the cheaper models. It is desirable that the battery capacity is not less than 3 000 mAh.

With regard to photo and video cameras, little depends on the number of megapixels. If this parameter is important for the buyer, it is better to get acquainted with real examples of pictures and videos of a particular model to have an idea about its camera.

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