How to scan QR codes on iPhone in iOS 11?

Starting with iOS 11, the Camera app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch got the ability to recognize QR codes. In this small how-talked about the new features and demonstrated how to scan QR codes.

How to scan QR codes on iPhone in iOS 11

Step 1. Go to menu “Settings” → “Camera” and activate button “Scan QR code”.

Step 2. Launch the Camera app and verify that you are in the mode to take a single picture or shooting square images.

Step 3. Aim the camera lens at the QR code you want to recognize.

Step 4. Once the QR code is successfully captured, you will receive a notification about the data it contains. In this alert, iOS will immediately propose to perform an action with the received data. For example, if the QR code contains a link to a web site, the system will prompt you to open it in Safari if the phone number, call him, etc.

Apple developers made the function of recognition of QR codes the most convenient and safe in use. So, after you recognize the reference, its URL will be displayed in the pop-up notification. This allows you to quickly assess the link’s address and if it is similar to the malicious, ignore the opening of the site.

To scan QR codes using the Camera on an iPhone as you can with physical media, and computer screen or other mobile device. Note that in the second case, the scanning may not happen immediately.

Apple implemented the feature of scanning QR codes in iOS 11 in order to cater to its Chinese customers. In China, QR codes are used everywhere and previously iPhone owners from China had to use third-party applications to recognize them.

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