How to turn off Samsung smartphone? Quick guide

How do I turn off Samsung smartphone? A question that is asked not only by green newbies, but also by experienced “old-timers”.

Usually, turning off the smartphone is a piece of cake. Press the lock button to call the power menu and select “Turn off”. What could be easier, right? Of course, in conventionally normal circumstances, when the user has access to Android’s built-in tools, turning off the device is not a difficult task.

But what to do when, for example, the display doesn’t function or the system is completely frozen? Wait for a complete battery drain? First of all, it can take from one to several days. Secondly, zeroing is a big disservice to the battery itself. You could take it out… ah yes, modern mobile manufacturers don’t allow that anymore.

How to turn off Samsung when the usual methods are not available

turn off Samsung

As explained by Samsung’s technical specialists, in case the user cannot turn off his smartphone the usual way, he needs to perform “battery disconnect imitation”. In human terms, the user needs to press certain buttons on his gadget – and hope for the best.

So, to turn off Samsung smartphone, you need to do the following:

  • connect your phone to the charger – preferably a native one;
  • simultaneously press the power button (lock) and minus volume (-);
  • hold down the buttons for 20 seconds;
  • wait for the smartphone to turn off.

Some users on the net claim that a few seconds are enough, but it all depends on the model of the device. We recommend to hold the buttons for at least 10-15 seconds. Also do not forget that holding the keys may trigger a screen capture – do not pay attention to this.

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