Diablo IV Guide: How to Increase Inventory Space

If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your inventory in Diablo IV, you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps no one would argue: there’s nothing worse than a small inventory size in a game where you have to collect gear. So much stuff you want to find and try out, but the game does a U-turn, and all because your character does not have deep enough pockets. The same, relatively speaking, problem exists in the new Diablo IV, which was released the other day.

Can You Increase the Inventory in Diablo IV?

We’re disappointed to say Diablo IV has no way to expand your character’s inventory. It’s important to note that this feature has never been available in any other part of the demonic series. The only thing you can expand is the external stash. The stash is usually used to store items that get in the way in your inventory, which you do not want to sell to a merchant. Of course, the player can at any time take the items back.

On the map, such stash is marked with the icon of a small chest. 100,000 gold is the price for expanding the stash. This is a lot of money, so at the beginning of the game your stash will be small. An alternative solution is to transfer unneeded items to the forge for disassembly. This will not only free up space in your inventory and stash, but also provide you with additional resources that can be used to improve your equipment.

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