How to launch games from a flash drive on PS3?

It is quite simple to run a game on PS3 from the flash drive (FD). The only thing you have to do is to re-flash the console and follow the instructions below.

Get ready

In these latter days original games for consoles are becoming more expensive, that is why gamers prefer downloading games and starting them with the help of USB-carriers. It can really save your money and facilitate life.

Unfortunately, the basic PS3 firmware has a strong protection system against piracy, as well as regional protection. In most cases, it blocks the launching of the game on the console if the regional marking does not match the game console marking. Therefore, in order to run the game from the FD, you must first re-flash your device.

Nowadays, you can re-flash almost all versions of PS3, except the PS3 Super Slim, but even if you own a model that is not amenable to this procedure yet, be sure that the reprogramming methods are developing in the near future for your device too.

The appropriate services are available in almost all European countries, so first of all change the standard firmware if your console still has it.

It is not possible to run games from a USB drive on consoles with authentic firmware!

Recording a game on a flash drive

Once re-fleshed the console, all further actions are easy to perform. To start the game on the PS3 with the help of the USB drive, you must first download it correctly to the carrier otherwise the console will not be able to read information.

  • Format the USB flash drive in FAT32 system:
  • connect the USB flash drive and right-click on its icon in Windows Explorer;
  • Select “Format”. In the “File System” select the «FAT32»;
  • click “Start”.

Note that formatting will delete all data on the drive!

  • Create a folder «GAMES» on the flash drive;
  • Download the game from the Internet and extract the folder with the game in the directory «GAMES».
  • in a folder with the game should always be «PS3_GAME» folder with «USRDIR». If these directories are not among files you downloaded, then the game has been recorded incorrectly and will not start for the console.

FAT32 system is not able to put files larger than 4 GB on a carrier. What to do if any of such files go with the game? You will need the Split4GB program. It allows you to split large files and record them to the media.

  • Download and open the program;
  • In the top row select the location of the folder with a game that can’t be recorded on a flash drive;
  • In the line below pick the place where the new version will be recorded. The best way is to choose a folder on a flash drive already;
  • In the drop-down list select «filename.666 ##».

Then, the program performs all the necessary steps by its own.

Starting a game on the PS3

  • Insert the USB flash drive and run the program MultiMAN. This file manager required to work with downloaded games directly on the console.
  • Find the desired game and start it.
  • If you split the game files using Split 4GB so the program might warn you that part of the game files should be installed on the console hard disk. Click OK, wait for the installation files and start the game as usual.

Now you know how to launch games on the PS3 from a flash card. This will help you save money on games or test any new products even if there is no possibility of their purchase.

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