PS3 error code 8002a224: how to fix

In today’s article, we will consider a rather ambiguous problem in the form of error 8002a224 on PS3. Despite the fact that the PS3 console is a product of the previous generation, a lot of players still spend a lot of time behind it. However, recently, many users have encountered error code 8002a224 when they try to log into PSN.

How to fix PS3 8002a224 error?


At once it is necessary to specify, that practically in all cases with the given error there are owners of the sewn PS3 which tried to change CID of the console to again get access with services PSN. In fact, the error 8002a224 is a signal that the user entered an incorrect CID.

If you encounter such an error, then you need to make sure that you entered the correct CID correctly. Be aware that even a single space at the beginning or end of the identifier can cause this error. For example, if you try to replace the CID on the PS3 with the SEN Enabler program, make sure that you have correctly copied the identifier into the desired text file into the USB storage.

However, there is another small way with which you can try to get rid of the error. So, open the Rebug Toolbox on your PS3 and go to the “Utilities” section. Go down to the bottom of the list of utilities and select the option “Change Active PS3ID”, then select “Use EID5: 87 (CEX)”. Once you do this, close the Rebug Toolbox and try to go into the PSN – this time the error 8002a224 on the PS3 should not be.

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