A CRITICAL PROCESS DIED blue screen of death appeared while I was sitting at my computer. I was doing nothing special: just scrolling the Internet, reading the news, some blogs. And then BSoD appeared… I’ve updated drivers for the sound and video cards not a while ago, but I don’t think that’s the problem. Any thoughts?


CRITICAL PROCESS DIED is a very unpleasant BSoD which occurs due to incorrectly functioning drivers. From the mouse to the USB, any driver can cause this blue screen.

What to do? Try to determine which driver it is and reinstall it. First, disconnect all peripherals from your PC, then test the latter. Is the BSoD gone? If it has disappeared, then the problem is clearly in one of the disconnected devices.

If the BSoD has not disappeared, then the problem is caused by some internal device driver. The easiest thing to do is to read the dump file that was generated when the last critical error occurred. Use BlueScreenView to read the last damp-file in %SystemRoot%, and you’ll definitely find the culprit.

You can find more information about CRITICAL PROCESS DIED in our article.

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