The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Enter the Chaos Arena


Madness has come to The Elder Scrolls: Legends! From today through December 19, join us as Sheogorath himself takes over the Arena, turning it into his own personal Chaos Arena. The Chaos Arena comes complete with new art (including Sheogorath’s personal touch on the class avatars), cards, active scenarios, and lane conditions. Learn more about the new lineup of cards here. As an added bonus, if you log in to your Legends account during the event, you’ll get a free card pack, regardless of whether you try Chaos Arena or not! Card packs will be delivered shortly after the event ends.

Learn more about everything included in the latest update in the Chaos Arena patch notes

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If you’ve spent some time in the Versus Arena, you know the only lanes you’ll see are the standard Field lane and the Shadow lane, but that’s not nearly wild enough for Sheogorath’s tastes. Each match in the Chaos Arena will feature at least one crazy scenario rule or lane condition (some of which you may be familiar with, and some of which will be completely new), which is a first for Arena PvP. See all the possible scenarios and conditions below:


Current Scenarios for PvE

  • Duel – Both players start with a 2/1 Gladiator in opposite lanes
  • Shields Up – Both players start with 0/4 Guards in opposite lanes
  • All Out Brawl – Both players start with Broken Bottle, which strikes a random enemy for 1 damage at the start of your turn

New Scenarios for Chaos Arena

  • Hero’s Call – Before the game, shuffle three unique creatures into each player’s deck
  • Your Own Worst Enemy – Players switch decks at the start of the game
  • Sheogorath’s Game – Both players start with Wabbajack
  • On a Roll – Players start with a Sweet Roll in each lane
  • Power Unleashed – Players start with 3 additional magicka
  • To the Death! – Player one starts with a Gladiator Arena in play
  • Spawning Pool – Both players start with a Slaughterfish in different lanes

TESL ChaosArena KingoftheHill 730x374


Current Lane Conditions

  • Mage Tower – After you play an action, summon a random creature in this lane with the same cost
  • Renewal – Creatures in this lane have Regenerate
  • Siege – Creatures in this lane have Breakthrough
  • Killing Field – Creatures in this lane have +1/+0
  • Fountain – Creatures summoned to this lane that have 2 power or less gain a Ward
  • Library – While you have a creature in this lane, actions cost 1 less
  • Campfire – When you summon a creature in this lane, friendly creatures gain its keywords
  • Barracks – When you summon a creature with 4 or more power in this lane, draw a card
  • King of the Hill – Whenever a creature with cost 5 or greater is summoned in this lane, give it Guard
  • Blitz – All creatures in this lane lose Guard
  • Ballista Tower – At the start of your turn, if you have the most creatures in this lane, deal 2 damage to the opponent
  • Hall of Mirrors – If there are no friendly creatures in this lane when you summon one, copy it
  • Temple – When you summon a creature in this lane, gain 1 health
  • Lucky – Creatures summoned in this lane gain a random keyword
  • Fortifications – Guards in this lane have +1/+1
  • Warzone – When you summon a creature in this lane, deal 1 damage to your opponent
  • Graveyard – When a non-Skeleton creature in this lane is destroyed, summon a 1/1 Skeleton
  • Surplus – When you summon a creature in this lane, reduce the cost of a random card in your hand by 1

New Lane Conditions for Chaos Arena

  • Zoo – When you summon a creature in this lane, transform it into a random animal
  • Flanking Lane – When a creature is summoned in this lane, give friendly creatures in the other lane +1/+0

TESL ChaosArena HallofMirrors 730x373

The standard Versus Arena mode and the Solo Arena mode will still be available from now through December 19. Chaos Arena follows the same win conditions as Versus Arena – three losses and you’re out – and the prizes awarded for winning are the same.

Are you ready to play by Sheogorath’s rules? We’ll have more information on the Chaos Arena in the coming days, including an in-depth look at some of the new cards included in the Madhouse Collection.

During this wacky event, we want you to send us your most chaotic moments in YouTube videos or Twitch VODs. If we share your video, you can win prizes like free packs, soul gems and more! Visit our forums for more details.

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