The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Exploring the Chaos Arena


Sheogorath is coming to The Elder Scrolls: Legends this week, and for a few wild days (from December 14 through December 19) he’ll be changing the way we participate in the Versus Arena.

Legends’ latest update, which includes the Chaos Arena and both the Madhouse Collection and the Mad Prince Pack (an exclusive set of premium art for 3 popular cards), promises to shake things up this month with some crazy tweaks to the current game.


If you remember your time in the campaign mode, there were certain scenarios that modified how you played. Maybe you and your opponent would start with an Oldgate Warden in play, or you would take part in a bar fight where both players hurl broken bottles at each other in every round.

Well, these scenarios are back, and this time they’re present in the Versus Arena for the very first time thanks to the Daedric Prince of Madness himself, Sheogorath! Of course you’re not simply limited to the pre-existing scenarios. The Chaos Arena adds seven brand new scenarios that promise to turn your Arena experience upside down and inside out. Sheogorath’s realm isn’t known as the Madhouse for nothing!


Along with brand new scenarios, there are also new lane conditions, yet another first for the Versus Arena. Aside from the Shadow and Field lanes, which are the standard Versus Arena lanes, there are 18 other unique lane conditions. On top of those pre-existing lane conditions, Chaos Arena will add two more brand new ones.

TESL Lepore ChaosArena 730x354

One of the most strategically dense lanes in the game so far is the newly added Flanking lane. This states that when a creature is summoned here, you give friendly creatures in the other lane +1/+0. Yes… all of them. Think about deploying a card like Imperial Reinforcements to your Field lane, thus filling it with 1/1 Imperial Grunts, then summoning a creature or two to the Flanking lane. That’s a pretty sizable buff.

Of course, here’s the catch: you don’t know which lane or scenario you’ll get in your Arena matches! Each match will have at least one crazy scenario or lane condition, but it’s completely randomized. After all, if you knew what madness you were about to face, it wouldn’t be very chaotic, now would it?

If all this seems a little intimidating, or if you’d just rather relax with standard Versus Arena, it will still be available to play during the Chaos Arena run.


But that’s not all the new update has to offer. Along with the aforementioned awesome disruptions to your Arena experience, you’ll also find ten brand new cards to craft, draft and play with.

TESL Lepore MadhouseCollection 730x273

One of the cards that catches my eye is Shivering Apothecary. This one is a 2/2 Willpower creature that costs four magicka. Sure, a 2/2 for four magicka isn’t the best rate, but Shivering Apothecary comes with a spicy little ability.

Shivering Apothecary informs us that when we summon it, we also summon a random Elixir. It doesn’t go into our hand, it goes straight into play, which is pretty awesome. It’s like hitting a Prophecy card without any pesky rune shattering. So far, we have the following elixirs available to us in the game:

  • Skirmisher’s Elixir – Grants +2/+0 and Breakthrough
  • Elixir of Deflection – Grants a Ward
  • Elixir of the Defender – Grants Guard
  • Elixir of Light Feet – Grants Cover
  • Elixir of Vigor – Grants +0/+1
  • Elixir of Conflict – Grants +1/+1

Some of those are definitely better than others – for example Elixir of Conflict is strictly better than Elixir of Vigor – but they’re all free if summoned off of a Shivering Apothecary, which makes them all awesome. Each of these Elixirs can be used three times before they disappear; there are only so many refreshments in the Shivering Isles, after all.

You can pick up the Madhouse Collection and the Mad Prince Pack starting tomorrow!

Chaos Arena, the Madhouse Collection and The Mad Prince Pack will be available starting tomorrow, and I for one can’t wait to try out the new content just in time for the holidays.

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