The Elder Scrolls: Legends – March Monthly Card


Don’t get Sower of Revenge angry. This Daedra hits hard on the battlefield and packs a nasty punch on the way out, too. We’ve never done a dual-attribute monthly before, but Sower of Revenge is powerful enough that it deserves the slot.

TESL - Sower of Revenge

A 5/5 Guard for 5 magicka is no joke, and if your opponent does manage to take it down, they pay a serious price. Sower of Revenge is an incredibly flexible card. A 5/5 Guard is a perfect defender for midrange and control decks. The Last Gasp ability may not fit quite as well in this style of deck, but the raw power of Sower should make it a good inclusion. In addition, the extra 5 damage can help your control deck turn the corner, and give your opponent less time to draw something that may pull them back into the game.

In aggressive decks, the 5 damage can be the difference between victory and defeat, but the Guard ability is also relevant. Sower’s Guard can help protect your lower health creatures from being taken out by weak enemy creatures. It also forces your opponent to take out Sower first, which makes his Last Gasp more likely to trigger. Orc decks tend to lack Guards, so Sower has a good chance to slot in there despite not being an Orc.

Sower is also a great pick in Arena, as it shines in a racing situation. Playing a 5/5 Guard to the lane you’re behind in is huge, and when that Guard then hits your opponent for 5 when they do take it out is even better. There’s really no wrong place to play Sower, so rank up to earn more copies.

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