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Not being able to connect

So its been a long time now I tried to wait a couple of months for rdr2 online to work and its not i dont...

Loading screen issue

Hi there just seeking help as my rdr2 online is stuck at 50% loading, anyone can help me please do...

Can’t get pass the intro

Finally been able to make my online character, however the opening scene on the carriage from prison just freezes, still have sound but the carriage...

problems with deleting my character

hi all, I  just deleted my first character because I wanted to make a new one. But after I do that, the mug shot and...

Intro Mission Glitch Help

I launched the online beta and was able to team up with 3 other players to do the first mission where you go and steal...

App due to colse

The Following Application will be suspended in 15 minutes because the license cannot be verified! I own RDR2 on this account, the licenses are restored...