How to fix Bugs, errors, crashes Forza Motorsport 6: Apex and other problems?


As you might have heard, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is already available on the PC as the open beta. All the betas tend to have some issues and this very project is not an exception. But all the other features of this F2P racing Xbox One port looks very impressive.

The developers have identified a number of issues that may appear while playing. They have also submitted a list of solutions that can be used to run the game without any inconveniences till the official game version comes.

The graphics card is not supported

Look for the newest driver on the Internet, but it cannot guarantee that your video card will work. One can solve this by holding the “Page Up” key and clicking on “Exit”.

The application crashes

If your PC has been upgraded a long time ago, there can be crashes due to the lack of the memory.

V-Sync can’t be disabled

It can’t be deactivated yet.

Problems with the display on my laptop with a hybrid GPU

Optimization is required.

One cannot disable the anisotropic filtering

There is no such option in the game settings, but it will be later.

MSAA can’t be disabled

MSAA minimum is set to 2x and can’t be set off.

Dynamic rendering doesn’t work correctly

Wait for the update.

Fury X+16 GB does not work on “Ultra”

  • set the resolution of 4K;
  • the app should be in full screen mode (Alt-Enter);
  • Settings -> Video;
  • set the “Dynamic Render Quality” to “Ultra”
  • set “Force Resolution” to “Off”.

Steering wheels can’t be used

This option will be in the nearest patches.

The controllers do not work

It is recommended to use the official Xbox controllers only.

Multiple monitors are not working

The application supports only one display.

Skittles in Car Bowling are not counted after rewinding.

It was made for the deadwood not to be counted.

Drivatars blink during the race

One should wait for the fix.

Video/audio are out of sync

Sound of the Ford GT at Rio is behind the video for 2-3 seconds.

The badges remain closed after opening

This is the external effect.

One can’t share the photos

You can’t share them after saving. You can only do it after the selection of the “Save and share” option after the first shot was made.

Track disappears

Exit and load the race again.

Closed Spotlight events still have the marker “New”

It occurs when a player hasn’t visited them.

Opened cars in the selection menu is not updated

Go through the opening Forza HUB or pay for it, and make the reconnection after that.

Low resolution in the Photo Mode

Entrance to this mode can automatically reduce the resolution of the game app.


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