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Download free JCheater: GTA III Edition APK
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JCheater: GTA III Edition – a program with which you can open the on-screen keyboard, as well as a complete list of cheats in the...

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Critical errors in Windows operating systems are often the cause of the initialization of the blue screen of death (BSoD). The abbreviation stands for –...

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Files with dll extension are system dynamic libraries. They implement some functions with a set of specific components that can be called from third-party programs....

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It makes no sense to argue which OS is better – Windows or macOS. It is better to try both yourself and decide on the...

error 0x82d40003 on xbox one
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Error 0x82d40003 occurs with equal probability on both the Xbox One and the Xbox One S, X. The source of the problem is that the...

State of Decay 2
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More than once on the forums there were comments asking for help to fix the permanent departures of State of Decay 2. Critical error may...

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An error may occur with the code 327684: 1 in the Origin game center. Especially often it appears during installation of the client, downloading or...

Installing drivers
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Automatic driver installation in Windows does not always work. As a result, the sound may not work or the picture on the screen may be...

Previous Launch was unsuccessful "at Metro Exodus
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Not everyone is lucky to play Metro Exodus. The reason is not a lack of time, but problems with the game. Probably not a single...

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Error 0x87de0017 on Xbox One appears when you try to download, install or enter the game. In general, it appears during any actions related to...

How fix Errors is a website where you can discover a solution to many different issues that may appear in the applications, games or OS on different platforms.

Web resource is created to solve the game, app and operating system issues. It also describes the steps that one need to take while fixing other bugs and errors with both the hardware and the software.

Here you can notice simple and effective ways to fix bugs, game crashes, errors or any other problem that prevents you from enjoying the game or application. No matter who you are: a regular user of the personal computer or an owner of the laptop, mobile phone, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One. In addition, on you will find answers on regularly asked questions. For example, how to fix an error in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, iOS, Linux OS, Android or Windows Phone.

Before you started to look for the pieces of advice we would like to emphasize on one thing first. If an app or a game crashes to the desktop when started, or you have the same issue with the installation, make sure that:

  • Your ATI / AMD Radeon / NVidia video driver is updated to the recent version.
  • Actual version of NVidia PhysX, DirectX, Microsoft Visual C ++, Net Framework is installed.
  • Game runs when you use discrete graphics accelerator rather than integrated (if you are a laptop user).
  • Your video card supports the libraries of DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, because most modern games and applications use these API.
  • You have disabled the antivirus program before installing or downloading the specific application. It is possible only if you trust the website.
  • Capabilities of your PC or laptop meets the min. requirements needed to run the game.
  • Lags, errors, crashes and brakes doesn't show up because of the hardware capabilities.

This is the general manual on how to fix the problems connected with the game or application errors. If all the steps are done, but the problem hasn't disappeared, then you'd better use the search tool of our website.